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Property is a valuable asset for the public sector, but it is also costly to run and maintain.

Established in 2007, Public Sector Plc offers a hybrid private-public partnership legal framework option to enable commercialisation and support the public sector to generate a significant source of potential income.

What is Relational Partnering?

Relational Partnering is a unique and proven model. Public Sector Plc focuses on forming a relationship with its partner and finding the best solution, before entering into a project specific contract. This is achieved through the use of a statutorily compliant model which has the principles of in-sourcing embedded.

The model also allows public sector bodies to access additional expertise, skills and investment from the private sector, while maintaining a long-term interest in property and projects.

Any additional revenues, or savings from property assets, can be used to reduce the pressure on already limited budgets. The Relational Partnering model is based on the simple concept that relationships are fundamental to effective partnerships.



Vision & Values

Our vision

Public Sector Plc works in the property field and partners with public sector organisations in order to create value for them, their communities and Public Sector Plc. We build lasting relationships for sustainable profit.

Our values

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Socio-economic impact

The socio-economic impacts and wider benefits as a result of the completed, ongoing and pipeline projects generated by the collective Public Sector Plc partnerships are presented in the infographic below.

Public Sector Plc commissions annually an assessment of the social and economic benefits of the Relational Partnering model.

Meet the team

We are a specialist property and public sector focussed team, based across our London, Birmingham and Manchester offices. We have established relationships across the public sector in England, including local authorities and education.

Meet the team


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