Public Sector Plc (PSP) is a private sector company, [set up in 2007] that provides resources, expertise and funding to public sector bodies to help them to unlock value within their property assets.

Relational Partnering is a model that allows the public sector to ‘in-source’ additional skills and resource to enhance their capacity and ultimately, gain greater value from the property assets in their area.

A Public Sector Plc Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a genuine partnership where public and private sectors work together to increase revenue and capital income or reduce revenue costs from public sector assets.

Public Sector Plc LLPs are joint ventures with public and private sector partners sharing equal representation on the Board.

The model is very flexible and can be applied to a diverse range of property projects. If you are considering Relational Partnering for your next project, Contact us

Not only does Relational Partnering enable councils to in-source expertise and resource, but there are also significant economic and social economics benefits. For more information on these, read the Commission Report