The Local Government Council Consortium Group (LG-CCG) is a diverse network of councils who work together and collaborate regarding the use and application of the PSP ‘Relational Partnering’ Model.

The LG-CCG is drawn from the members and officer’s boards from across the partnerships and are working practitioners in the use of the model. The group is committed to sharing all information both across the partnerships and with new councils exploring this as an option. Transferring its learning to new partnerships.

PSP work with the LG-CCG to direct investment into those regions where there is a partnership and to seek to expedite both the establishment of new partnerships and their projects through a Member Reporting System (MRS) which escalates critical matters for speedy resolution. 2015 Local Government Council Consortium Group Meeting.

The Advisory Group

The Advisory Group (an Officer forum) has held 14 meetings and has shared and disseminated a diverse range of learning experiences and practices.

The forum meets three to four times per year.

The benefit of the forum is that it provides confidence and reassurance to new councils and gives them an insight into what is being achieved across the partnerships.

Local Gov CCG