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Housing development

Across the country, councils are gripped by the housing crisis which has been years in the making and requires innovative solutions to solve this problem.

Historically, where the Public Sector Plc partnerships have been involved in residential sites, it is frequently to build value in plots of land prior to selling them on the open market for a capital receipt.  This has worked very successfully and seen hundreds of homes worth of housing land enter the market. An evolution of this strategy has seen joint ventures, rather than land sales, delivering even greater capital receipts.These types of projects are well suited to the Relational Partnering model, however, in both land sales and JVs, the outcome has been a capital receipt and the actual delivery of the units has rested with a third party.

We’re now working with a number of public sector bodies to help each partner realise their housing objectives in a new way.  We’ve also created two new brands for our rental and for sale housing developments, LetLife and BuyLife. For now follow us on Twitter and be the first to hear about our housing developments.

Over the coming months we’ll be providing more details on our plans, but if you work within the public sector and interested to hear more about our housing model please email us at and a member of the team will respond to you within 24 hours.

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Through the conversations we have had with our public sector partners, we have created a new housing model for the construction of private and affordable housing for rent and sale, that can be delivered through individual partnerships.

Portfolio management

Many councils’ own portfolios, small and large, often comprising non-operational properties that are income producing.  Whilst the revenue these properties generate is appreciated, frequently, there is little rationale for why particular assets owned have come to be held and the skills and resources lacking to effectively asset manage such a portfolio.

Frequently, these portfolios are unbalanced in terms of mix of uses and have many tenancies close to expiring or holding over.  This presents a significant risk to the revenue stream in the medium term.

Public Sector Plc has experience of analysing such portfolios and findings creative solutions to their management both on a day-to-day and strategic basis.  The ultimate objective is to create a portfolio that is cheaper to run, has a higher capital value and generates a greater net income.

Read more about our track record in portfolio management with a number of our public sector partners.


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Land promotion and regeneration

Dealing predominantly with surplus land and assets or property held for development, a range of outcomes can be delivered.  This includes capital creation, revenue savings, revenue income, socio-economic outputs and even new buildings or community facilities.

The starting point for any project is to understand the primary objectives and outcomes sought by our public sector partners.  From this point a creative process begins, to explore ideas and opportunities to deliver a project that achieves or exceeds stated objectives but does so in a way that works from a commercial perspective.  Building and sharing value created by Public Sector Plc’s team of property professionals allows many projects to be unlocked that at first seemed unviable.

Read more about our track record in Land promotion and regeneration with a number of our public sector partners.